Confused how to get your business online?



We can help!

Confused how to get your business online?


We can help!

We build powerful websites and handle everything technical for you.



How much business are you losing by not being online?

You need a powerful online presence to generate leads and promote your business.

But how? The knowledge required to build a website, create sales funnels and landing pages, collect payments and launch email campaigns can be overwhelming.

Good news! We will create a customized solution for your business then guide you to quickly and easily launch your business online.

Are technology delays costing you a fortune?

There is the cost of lost time. Wasted effort. Headaches. Delays. Frustrated customers. Ideal clients who never find you.

Right now someone needs you. Your product. Your service. Your gifts. Yet every minute you spend trying to overcome technical obstacles your ideal client is going without what they need. Or paying someone else for an inferior product.

We handle ALL the technical stuff, start to finish, so you can focus on growing your business.



It is not about websites, sales funnels, landing pages, leads and conversions. It is about finding new clients and serving them better than everyone else.

We will customize a powerful solution for you to capture leads, trigger email campaigns, engage visitors and showcase your services. We build online stores, membership and subscription sites and LMS platforms for your online courses.

We are expert developers not ordinary website designers. We configure your website to make it a powerful tool for your business.

We build, host, maintain and provide IT support for every website we build. We use premium themes and plugins to ensure quality and compatibility. And our pricing is transparent and predictable. No hidden fees or surprise charges.





Captivating videos sets you apart. Produce online courses, marketing and training videos, or even short clips for social media channels in professional video studio. Our world-class production team handles everything so all you have to do is be the star of the show. We even have a presentation coach to work with you virtually and be onsite to ensure the highest quality production possible. 

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“TNK Solutions showed us how to change our branding so it makes sense. Together we renamed our business to maximize SEO, designed a logo that reflects who we are, develop a website that runs our membership site and e-commerce store. They made our website work with Salesforce, Proposify, Active Campaign, and Stripe to automate so much of our workflow. I highly recommend them!”

Allen Long



“I love the design and performance of my new website. Now I can capture email addresses and automatically start marketing emails to connect with my leads. My clients can download tax information and schedule appointments without calling me. It’s awesome!”

Shannon Hatfield

Hatfield Accounting



“We have worked with Cindy Jacks [the founder of TNK] for several years. She is very knowledgable about WordPress and has shown us valuable ways to automate our processes and help our customers.”

Matt Stuart

Asked Questions

Are we right for you?

The TNK Solution is perfect if you want:

  • Branding that instantly resonates with your ideal clients
  • A website that differentiates you from your competition
  • An easy solution for hosting, maintenance, security, backups and IT support
  • To never struggle with technical obstacles again

The TNK Solution is probably not for you if:

  • Your branding is consistent among all platforms and your audience loves it
  • You are okay with common drag-and-drop template designs
  • You adore your hosting provider (you’ll lose the website when you leave)
  • You’re willing to accept the integration limitations
  • You like to do the technology stuff yourself
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Why a start-to-finish solution?

Everyone wins when things are done correctly from the start. Our solution saves time and money and let’s you focus on your business instead of solving problems that could have been avoided. Our proven process ensures your website design appeals to your ideal client and that your WordPress site is expertly configured to capture leads and serve your audience.

What technical landmines?

Here are some technical terms you will need to be familiar with if you build a WordPress website yourself: hosting, domain, DNS, SSL, FTP, SMTP, image files (raster vs vector, rgb vs cmyk, jpeg vs png, how to resize and compress), video formats, SEO, metadata, HTML, CSS, and google analytics.

You’ll need to learn how to use WordPress, a theme and various plugins, set up security, backups, and updates. Optimize for speed and responsive design, integrate with social media sites and 3rd party services. 

Is learning all this really the best use of your time?

Why WordPress?

WordPress offers unlimited customization. Anything and everything is possible (although it can’t feed your dog). This platform can start small and grow with your business. It integrates with hundreds of 3rd party services and can automate your workflow in ways that will delight you. Drag and drop platforms have design and integration limitations that don’t seem important at first but can limit you in the long run. And you’re basically married to the hosting company because they get to keep a lot of your stuff if you move out.